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 Welcome to Our Parish Website

Dear Internet Visitor,

I take this opportunity to welcome you to our parish community of St. Charles. I invite you to share with us in our liturgies and activities.  Since 1886, Saint Charles Borromeo Parish has been the Catholic presence in Northampton County on the Eastern Shore of Virginia.  Two additional parishes have formed from our small community of faith.  One parish is in Onley, and the other is in Chincoteague, both in Accomack County.  We are a small but active faith community.  We are excited by the growth in the Cape Charles area.

If you are visiting our area, either passing through on vacation or looking for a quiet area to relocate or purchasing a second home, please know that you will always be welcomed in the community with a warm greeting and a friendly smile.

Thank you for your interest. I hope our website will be greeted with enthusiasm and offer a profile of our wonderful parish family.

God bless you and your loved ones.


Fr. J. Michael Breslin, Pastor


Rev. J. Michael Breslin, Pastor
(757) 331-1724 (Rectory)

Rev. Mr. Don Donovan, Deacon
(757) 678-9019 (H)
(757) 999-1172 (M)

Holy Week 2014
Schedule Attached - Click HERE

My Dear Brothers & Sisters;

As pastor, I want to encourage you and your family to celebrate the ancient and very rich rites of Holy Week. These are the most beautiful and inspiring rituals of our Church and runs deep with meaning of our Salvation. Jesus Christ, the Son of God who we proclaim as Lord, suffered, died and rose for your salvation during these seven days. We take this lightly and profess with our lips, "I believe" but are we willing to be a part of these grace filled hours. During these seven days when we celebrate about seven hours of services that etch on our hearts a deeper meaning of Godís love for us, most members of the Parish Family do not come.

Palm Sunday when we joyfully proclaim Hosanna in the Highest and Jesus is welcomed into the city of Jerusalem. Do we proclaim Hosanna and then on Monday go back to our habitual way of life?

Holy Thursday Jesus gives us His body and blood to eat and drink for our salvation. We do this every Sunday, has it become ordinary, have we lost the deeper meaning of this gift?

Good Friday Jesus dies! We are saved! The kingdom of God is ours. This is a memorial service commemorating that we are people of worth, worthy of the Son of God being sacrificed for each of us. Would you miss a memorial service for family or friend?

Holy Saturday The Great Vigil. The history of our salvation begins in darkness as we remember the story of creation and the path to the life and death of Jesus. With the Gloria at the Vigil Mass, the resurrection of the Lord is celebrated with lights, music, song and processions to our altar. Jesus, the Lord is Risen Alleluia, alleluia!

Easter Sunday Jesus is Risen! We will celebrate with not only our parish family but with the many visitors who are sharing this weekend with their family and friends.

So I urge you, bring not only yourself but your family including children to these special ceremonies that will hopefully plant a seed in them which will grow as they mature.

May God bless you and your loved ones. Happy Easter!

Father Michael






We, the People of God, in St. Charles Parish, recognize our call as Christians, sharing in the mission to become fully supportive of each other, responsible for each other and accountable to God for our gifts; and to build a faith community through active participation in liturgical celebrations, applying Gospel values in our individual and communal lives, sharing fully in our various parish ministries, showing consistent concern for the needy among us including those of the larger community, and fostering the bonds of unity with other faith communities around us.

Parish Info

Mass Schedule:

5 p.m.
: 9 a.m. 
9:30 a.m., as listed in current bulletin

Parish Office:  (757) 331-2040; (757) 331-4619 (fax

Office Manager: Irene Henderson

Parish Council: 3rd Tuesday, 7 p.m. in Parish Hall


Meeting Minutes posted on the Bulletins page

Religious Education: Sunday after 9 a.m. Mass (from late September until May)

Finance Council Chair:  Marta Rose

Baptism and Marriage: by appointment with Fr. Michael

Organist: Jeanne Roll; Alicia Brady

Music Coordinator: Michael Flanagan

Hospice Laison:  Mauren Donovan (757-678-9019)

K of C: Meets 7:30 p.m. on 1st & 3rd Wednesdays in Parish Hall; website:

Bulletin E-Mail:

Parish Online Directory (Olan Mills)
(password = 7CuoBd)



Parish Council Committees
Parish Council Chair:  Chris Bannon (757-331-2206)

Vice Chair:  Shirley Karmilovich

Council Secretary:  JoAnn Clark

Administration:  Ed Karmilovich

Religious Education - Youth:  Jean Childress

Religious Education - Adult:  Sharon Varricchio

Ecumenical:  Mary Beth Briggs

Fundraising:  Michael Flanagan & Anne Bois

Justice & Peace:  Terry & Mike Strub

Parish Life:  Marion Simonsen

Worship:  Chris Bannon

Photo Album


Pictures of Parish Functions


From Route 13, take Hwy 184 West into Cape Charles.  At Fig Street, Hwy 184 becomes Randolph Avenue.  Proceed one block to Nectarine Street.  Saint Charles Catholic Church is on the corner of Nectarine Street and Randolph Avenue.


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